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Membership Benefits

Membership to ANAHEI is completely free for students, faculty members, institutions and allied members.


  • You will be eligible for a member rate (deeply discounted) for ANAHEI sponsored conferences

  • You will be eligible to apply for "International Travel Grants"

  • You will be eligible to apply for "Exchange Visitor Host Program Grants"

  • You will receive valuable information about global engagement

  • You will have complimentary access to ANAHEI webinars

  • You will have access to ANAHEI membership for networking purposes

  • Be part of a non-profit, global, interdisciplinary organization

Shake on It

By being a member, you agree to the following:

  • You will receive occasional emails from ANAHEI about the programs.

  • You will receive a monthly e-newsletter.

  • Your name, position, and affiliation may be published on ANAHEI website (no email address will be published).

  • ANAHEI will not sell or give your information to any parties.

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