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Dr. JoLee Sasakamoose is an Anishinabe (Ojibwe) from Michigan and Ontario with membership in M’Chigeeng First Nation and is an active citizen of Ahtahkakoop Cree Nation in Saskatchewan. Dr. JoLee is the founding Counselling and Wellness Director of the Muskiki Muskwa Medicine Bear Healing Lodge and Peer Advocacy Services part of the Indigenous Wellness Research Community Network, a partnership with Wellness Wheel Medical Clinic. The lodge assists peoples in Treaties 4 and 6 in their recovery from the residues of historical and intergenerational traumas related to colonization, residential schools and the ongoing genocidal practices in Canada today. Medicine Bear offers a training ground for practicum students from various professions, including counselling, social work, medicine, nursing, policing, education and a host of many others. Peer Health Advocacy services and training support with the Canadian Mental Health Association ensure the capacity building is locally-driven and resourced.

Dr. JoLee is the former Research Director of the Wellness Wheel Medical Clinic in Saskatchewan, where she engaged clinicians and patients as co-researchers in HIV/infectious/chronic disease prevention and treatment, mental health and addictions, and the uses of traditional plant medicines and land-based healing for wellness.

Dr. JoLee facilitates collaboration between Indigenous people and healthcare practitioners, policymakers, and researchers to enhance health care and access. The Indigenous Wellness Research Community Network, funded by numerous agencies, unites service providers around a framework of cultural responsiveness.

Dr. JoLee is a Principal Investigator in the Saskatchewan First Nations and Metis Health Research Network, funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) (FMHRN). The Nato’ we ho win (the art of healing through culture) First Nations Health and Wellness Network is Saskatchewan's first network dedicated exclusively to First Nations health research. Dr. JoLee works as one of the Interim Scientific Directors for the Federations of Sovereign Indigenous Nations' (FSIN) Health and Social Development Commission (HSDC) and FMHRN. She co-authored the Indigenous Cultural Responsiveness Theory (ICRT), now known as the CRF, conjunction with Saskatchewan's First Nations communities. The CRF serves as a theoretical framework for directing research to improve the health of Indigenous peoples in Saskatchewan.

Dr. Sasakamoose is an Associate Professor and Chair of the University of Regina's Educational Psychology and Counseling subject area. She teaches Group Counselling, Counselling Girls and Women, Counselling Children and Youth, Indigenous Family Therapies, and Decolonizing Research Methodologies. She obtained a Master of Science in Human Development, Counseling, and Family Studies from the University of Rhode Island and a Doctor of Philosophy in Higher, Adult, and Lifelong Education from Michigan State University.

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